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Get a seamless and reliable cloud experience

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High Performance

We use the latest generation of powerful SSD and NVMe disks to ensure the speed and efficiency of your cloud. Guarantee fast and safe service for your customers, relying on us.

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Root Access

The cloud virtual server gives you complete freedom. You have full root access together with a dedicated IP address to build a fully customized solution to suit your business needs.

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Guaranteed Data Redundancy

O2V2 provides reliability and 100% accessibility at every level of the cloud infrastructure. Data storage, data replication, connectivity - guaranteed redundancy of each component.

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Security and Compliance

Daily backups and recovery are our standards. We ensure your cloud is regularly backed up to protect your data. In addition, we deliver a 24/7 proactive monitoring of your VMs.

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Content Delivery Network

Speed up your website by distributing it globally and serving it to your visitors from the closest location for faster page load speeds wherever they are.

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Guaranteed SLA

Enterprise-grade reliability with guaranteed SLA. Guaranteed uptime. Our tech experts and cloud engineers are ready to support you whenever you need help or meet a technical challenge.

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Professional Services

Do you need an expert to set up your cloud, help you with configurations and complex DevOps tasks? O2V2 has the right team to assist you on every step of your cloud journey.

Key Use Cases to Jumpstart with O2V2 Cloud

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Building a Hybrid Cloud

Due to compliance or regulations, you may not be able to move all of your workloads to the cloud. In these scenarios, a hybrid cloud may be a proper solution for your financial organization, bank, telco, or other. Combine the existing on-premise resources with the power and security of O2V2 and expand your footprint. Ensure the best environment to your compute and storage-intensive workloads. A hybrid cloud can help you improve the use of software licenses and scale fast when needed.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies are critical for your business success. With downtime causing millions of losses even for big enterprises, you need to ensure that no matter what happens, your business will continue its smooth work. O2V2 Cloud can act as your DR site. Take advantage of reliable cloud instances with guaranteed SLA and enterprise support. By having a standby site in the cloud for a DR you ensure your business processes will be untouched in case of emergency.

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Ecommerce Projects

Ecommerce websites are a good example of use cases, where resource consumption varies month over month. If you have a large online business and plan to start a promotion, ensure you have enough capacity. Eliminate the need to rent and expensive dedicated server. Integrate O2V2 cloud to handle the extra load during campaigns. Enjoy flexibility, high performance, and reliable support. Our tech experts can help you build the right infrastructure for your e-commerce project.

Software as a Service

You are developing a SaaS solution and wondering which cloud provider to choose? O2V2 provides much more than the biggest cloud providers like AWS. We assist you in every step of building your infrastructure in order to facilitate the work and save you costs. Our experts are always available to help with technical issues and advice. No more uncertain waiting to get a response on your ticket. We act as your external DevOps team!

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With the mobile force and remote work growing, enterprises need reliable VDI solutions. VDI solutions offer the benefits of simplified operations and increased productivity. O2V2 cloud services enable digital workplace transformation. Host your VDI or DaaS in the cloud to ensure accessibility from every device and location. Enjoy security, cloud monitoring, instant scalability and guaranteed uptime for your VDI cloud solution.

Test and Development

The flexibility of O2V2 cloud allows Test and Development environments to be built up fast and scaled instantly. Eliminate the need to buy your own hardware for testing purposes. Get the advantage to pay for what you use only and test your software solutions on a high-performance modern cloud. Make your business more efficient and decrease the time to market. Get advice on infrastructure challenges from our certified engineers.

Looking for a custom solution?

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