Dedicated Servers on Sale

O2V2 Dedicated Servers help you to boost your business by providing you secure infrastructure for demanding applications, SaaS, extensive databases and more. Get a highly-available server for workloads, which require the ultimate in performance, security, and control. A wide selection of configurations to meet your needs!

Included With Your Dedicated Server

O2V2 Dedicated Servers are tuned for optimum performance. With the dedicated server hosting you get a physical, single-tenant servers which is ready to boost your application performance and ensure service quality. We use top tier datacenters, hardware and back this up by exceptional IT experts, ready to help you.

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Bandwidth and
Unlimited Traffic

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OS Supported

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Enterprise Support

Explore The Value of Dedicated Servers for Your Business

O2V2 Dedicated Servers enables you to deploy and manage physical servers alongside virtual instances. Ensure the best bare metal infrastructure for your mission-critical workloads. A wide selection of configurations to meet your needs.

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Rapid Deployment

A sophisticated range of pre-configured dedicated servers available for rapid deployment. We deploy your dedicated servers within minutes. Enjoy the agility and freedom of the bare metal power for your applications and workloads.

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No Noisy Neighbors

Each server you rent is 100% dedicated to your workloads and projects. Full privacy and resource isolation for your applications and data. A single-tenant environment that acts as your private data center.

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Unmatched Performance

O2V2 Dedicated Servers guarantee maximum uptime for your website. Our instances are designed to boost the performance of high-traffic websites, SaaS and databases. O2V2 dedicated servers care for the uninterrupted work of your online business.

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Great Return on Investment

Deploy a dedicated server when you need it on a competitive price. Utilize its capacity to the maximum. We provide the ultimate price/performance ratio with attractive savings on prepayment.

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You can fully customize your O2V2 Dedicated Server depending on your needs and uses. You will receive full support while choosing the best plan for your business.

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Guaranteed SLA

Enterprise-grade reliability with guaranteed SLA. Guaranteed uptime. Our tech experts and vps engineers are ready to support you whenever you need help or meet a technical challenge.

Key Use Cases to Implement a Dedicated Server

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High-Traffic Websites

If you have a high-traffic website such as e-commerce, SaaS, online games, etc. you will need a powerful dedicated server. With O2V2 dedicated server hosting you will have enough resources to handle thousands of simultaneous requests or visits. Our tech experts can help you build the right infrastructure for your e-commerce project or another high-traffic website. We have experience in fine-tuning for performance and building complex server farm setups.

Video Conferencing and Video Streaming

Dedicated Servers are the most powerful type of website hosting, designed to handle all your content and streaming needs. Unlike streaming on external platforms (YouTube, Vimeo), a Dedicated Server gives you the freedom over how your content gets shared and distributed. Thanks to the unlimited bandwidth and reliable connectivity, O2V2 ensures the quality of your video conferencing or streaming.

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I/O Intensive Databases

Database Servers often support business-critical operations. With O2V2 Dedicated Servers youр databases will be hosted on a reliable server, which will ensure the optimum performance of database queries. Our Database Dedicated Servers are the right infrastructure solution for your MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MariaDB and other databases. Use dedicated CPU and high memory for production DBs.

SaaS Applications

You are developing a SaaS solution and wondering which vps provider to choose? O2V2 provides much more than the biggest vps providers like AWS. We assist you in every step of building your infrastructure in order to facilitate the work and save you costs. Our experts are always available to help with technical issues and advice. No more uncertain waiting to get a response on your ticket. We act as your external DevOps team!

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Test and Development

The enterprise-grade dedicated servers, provided by O2V2 allow Test and Development environments to be built up fast. Eliminate the need to buy your own hardware for testing purposes. Get the advantage to pay for what you use only and test your software solutions on a high-performance modern infrastructure. Make your business more efficient and decrease the time to market. Get advice on infrastructure challenges from our certified engineers.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies are critical for your business success. With downtime causing millions of losses even for big enterprises, you need to ensure that no matter what happens, your business will continue its smooth work. O2V2 Dedicated Servers can act as your DR site. Take advantage of reliable instances with guaranteed SLA and enterprise support. By having a standby site in the vps for a DR you ensure your business processes will be untouched in case of emergency.

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Looking for a custom solution?

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