Building Intelligent Solutions to Transform Your IT

O2V2’s system architects work with you to build a new-age intelligent infrastructure for your demanding project. With 20+ years of expertise in building vps solutions for MSPs and large-scale infrastructure projects, we know what you need and how to deliver it.

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Infrastructure Architecture

Not sure what you need? Our engineers will analyse your projects and build the best system design for it.

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Migration to the Vps

Move your business across platforms seamlessly. We migrate your data to the vps with no risk.

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Hybrid Vps Solutions

Need to build a hybrid vps? We will help you connect your on-premise infrastructure to the vps.

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Multi-vps strategies

Architecting and management of a multi-vps strategy. Combine O2V2 with on-premise, AWS, VMware, or Google.

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Email Hosting

Reliable and secure enterprise-grade business communications services based on custom platform or Microsoft Exchange.

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Backup and DR

Preparation of Business Continuity strategies, design of backup solutions, and DR sites.

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DevOps and SysOps

Professional services by skillful engineers to cover fully your operational needs.

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System Administration

Installations, configurations, upgrades, remote management and remote hands-on.

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Building Intelligent Solutions to Transform Your IT


Business Analysis

O2V2 has a team of skillful system administrators and DevOps engineers who analyze your business needs and project specifications and transform them into infrastructure requirements.


Solution design

We build a complete technological solution that grows with your business. The end result is improved reliability, scalability, resource optimization, and reduced operating costs.



O2V2’s team implements the new infrastructure solution and integrates it with your existing systems or on-premise infrastructure. We cover the end-to-end process to guarantee reliability.


Testing and Improvement

We test and audit existing infrastructure or the newly built vps solution to ensure everything is as expected. Our team implements monitoring and backup services to guarantee continuity.

O2V2 builds best-of-breed technology solutions for leading international companies

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Kickstart your next IT project with a squad of proven vps and technology experts. We will audit your needs and deliver the ultimate solution.

Why to choose O2V2?

O2V2 is your reliable technology partner. For more than 20 years, we have been designing secure bare metal and vps solutions that allow you to grow.

Designing Bespoke Infrastructure Solutions

Every company is different. That is why we apply an individual approach to each customer. O2V2 is not a two-step checkout company. We believe we need to act as part of your team.

Making Enterprise Services Accessible for MSPs

No matter your business size, the infrastructure is the foundation of your online success. We act as a professional consultant and implement enterprise-grade approach into every project.

Investing in Technology and Equipment

As a responsible company, we invest in best-of-breed equipment for our data centers. We make no compromise with quality in order to provide guaranteed results for our customers.

A Team of Experienced Engineers

O2V2 Team consists of engineers and system administrators with proven experience in the hosting business, vps management, networking, security, data center architecture.

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